Leading technologists for research in physical chemistry and art historians work in our laboratory.

They help us to determine the age of an art piece, to confirm its authenticity and to attribute authorship.


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We are glad to inform you that our new office will be open very soon in Prague. For further information:
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Stage of work

  • Access
  • Depositary
  • Inspection
  • Report


Submitting an art piece

  1. You can deliver an art piece to our laboratory (by appointment)

    Moscow, Raoushskaya emb., off. 14, floor 6
    Moscow telephone: +7 (903) 726-23-45

  2. We can arrange for an expert group with a mobile laboratory to come to an art depositary.

    If delivery to the laboratory is impossible.


  1. During inspection the piece is kept in a banking class A safety depositary.

  2. Storage conditions are overseen by a professional restorer.


Подтверждение подлинности произведения

  1. Technical and technological analysis procedures:

    • Description of piece’s state of preservation
    • Desposit in banking class A safety depositary
    • Photographing (including ultraviolet, infrared and macrophotography)
    • X-ray fluorescent analysis for the determination of the paint layer’s elemental composition
    • Drawing samples for physicochemical analysis of a pigment group
    • Analysis of samples with infrared spectroscopy
    • Analysis of samples with microchemical and crystal-optic methods
    • Roentgenography
    • Preparation of ultra-thin paint layers and their analysis
    • Signature athentification
    • Analysis (evaluation) of base materials
    • Analysis by experts in art history
  2. Art historical inspection:

    • Analysis of the results of the physiochemical inspection
    • Stylistic analysis
    • Analysis of historical, artistic, and archival materials

    For attribution of the authenticity of art pieces we engage world renowned experts, from Russian, European, and American museums.



+7 (925) 772-26-28 7722628@gmail.com

Stage of work

  • Purpose
  • Request
  • Valuation
  • Evaluation


Determination of the purpose of evaluations

  1. Insurance coverage of art objects

  2. Provision of credit with art objects as collateral

  3. Capitalisation of the company based on its assets

  4. Legal cases

  5. Heirship claims

  6. Art acquisition and sales


We evaluateWe do not evaluate

  1. Art objects (from ancient to contemporary art)

  2. Jewelry

  3. Gem stones

  4. Archaeological artifacts


Art valuation with Art Consulting’s patented methodology




+7 (903) 726-23-45 borisov@artconsulting.ru

Stage of work

  • Access
  • Cost estimates
  • Contract
  • Restoration


Submission of an art piece

  1. You can deliver an art piece to our laboratory (by appointment)

    Moscow, Raoushskaya emb., off. 14, floor 6, Moscow telephone: +7 (903) 726-23-45

  2. We can arrange for group of experts with a mobile laboratory to come to an art depositary.

    If delivery to the laboratory is impossible







+7 (903) 726-23-45 borisov@artconsulting.ru

Stage of work

  • Access
  • Photography
  • Description
  • Passport




  1. HR

  2. Macrophotography

  3. IR

  4. UV





+7(925) 772-26-28 7722628@gmail.com

In some cases we will be glad to help you buy and sell art if we are certain of its authenticity. You can consult with us if you have any questions.





спросила Наталья Иванова

Заголовок вопроса 1

Содержание вопроса: О продаже произведений искусства говорят, что продаются не сами произведения, а бумаги на них.
Без экспертных заключений, убедительных для художественного рынка, некая картина,
подписанная «Шишкин» — воспринимается как неизвестно когда написанное произведение неизвестного автора.

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Not frequently, but regularly, our company takes part in and organises professional events pertaining to the market for art and valuables. If you would like to be informed, please leave us your contact information.


  • What do we do?

    We carry out expert inspections to assess the authenticity and origin of pieces of fine, as well as applied, arts and of various valuables, such as precious gems and jewelry, and provide an estimate of their value.

    We offer solutions to a number of problems concerning the supervision of big collections (from the choice of an investment concept to the professional regulation of transactions, assistance in the arrangement of storage etc.) and the acquisition of art pieces (for example, as gifts)

  • Who relies on us?

    Our clients — over 5000 institutions and individuals, including:

    Government institutions — The Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Federal Guard Service of the Russian Federation, Police, intelligence, and prosecutorial authorities of various jurisdictions, judicial authorities, the Ministry of Culture, Federal Customs Service of Russia, as well as other ministries, federal authorities and state structures.

    Insurance companies — “Alfa Strakhovanie”, “Ingosstrakh”, “Renessans Strakhovanie”, “RESO-Garantia”, “ROSNO”, “UralSib” and others.

    Collectors — Petr Aven, Viktor Bondarenko, Viktor Vekselberg, Andrei Dellos, Aleksandr Dobrovinsky, Emelian Zakharov, Dmitry Malikov, Aydan Salakhova, Alisher Usmanov, Mikhail Fridman.

    And also museums in Russia, auction houses, governmental and private art foundations, and law firms.

  • What are we proud of?

    We are the only company in Russia whose expert reports and value estimates are recognised on the British Lloyd’s of London insurance market

    We have extensive work experience with large art collections. For example, in 2006 we evaluated one of the biggest private collections, with 222 paintings and graphics. The estimated value was over 150 Million US Dollars.

    We worked as estimators for the world’s largest closed-end fund for art “Sobranie. FotoEffekt.” In March 2011 the value of this fund’s net assets was over 14.06 Billion Rubles

    In 2012 our company took served as an expert consultant in a judicial settlement between Viktor Vekselberg’s foundation “Aurora” and the auction house Christie’s.

    We performed a technical and technological inspection of a painting whose authenticity was in doubt. As a result of the inspection, “Odaliska”, a work by Boris Kustodiev executed in the last year of the artist’s life, was authenticated and dated.
    The High Court of London ruled in favor of “Avrora”, thus compelling Christie’s to return the money for “Odaliska” to the foundation.

  • How can we help you purchase a piece of art?

    Thanks to our leading position on the market we are well informed as to the contents of numerous art collections. We are usually able to find works by virtually any artist.

    Our company’s specialists possess detailed information about collections, whose owners are willing to sell certain works, as well as collections that are not designated for sale, though their owners are willing to entertain offers. Generally we are the first to hear of such opportunities.

    Our specialists have significant work experience on the art-market. They are thus able to make attractive offers for the purchase of pieces from international collections, professionally accompany the acquisition process in auction houses, and render support with the transfer of pieces to or from Russia. These services are particularly important given the rising interest in international art.

  • What is the technical and technological inspection of an art piece?

    The technical and technological inspection of an art piece makes it possible to assess very precisely when the work was executed.

    Together with the Institute for Physical Chemistry along with the State Science and Research Institute for Restoration, we developed and patented a unique methodology for the assessment of a work’s age, especially for paintings and graphics. Specialised technologists in our research laboratory perform research to determine when the art piece was created.

    We offer our services according to fixed rates, independent of the piece’s estimated market value

    During the process of expert inspection, the objects are held in a specially equipped storage facility.

  • What is the inspection of an object of fine art?

    The academic inspection of a piece of fine art is carried out by specialised experts, generally highly experienced museum workers. These experts are members of a self-regulated organization – “NOEKSI” (National Organization for Experts in the Field of Art)

    The inspection is performed based upon comprehensive historical and art historical research, which includes the use of comparisons to analogous museum pieces.

    For each individual piece of art we hire only experts whose reputation is already recognized on the market.

  • How are pieces of art valuated?

    We estimate a piece of art’s value based on a methodology created by our company’s experts with the support of art-market specialists in accordance to Federal Law concerning valuation activities and federal standards for valuation activities.

    Our methodology can be applied in the following cases:

    • financing

    • capitalisation of limited liability companies

    • trade transactions

    • internal accounting

    • description and inventory of assets

    • inheritance cases

    • division of assets

    • court cases, etc.

    Also, we offer services for the valuation of precious jewelry and the certification of precious gems.

  • How can we help you to sell a piece of art?

    Relying on our wide range of contacts with Russian and international collectors and our intricate knowledge of their preferences, our company can facilitate the sale of a piece of art.

    If in Russia there is no market for a particular piece or the sale promises to be more profitable in another country, we conduct negotiations with international galleries and auction houses and organize the transaction.

    In the company’s “Art Consulting” department we have two auction platforms for the quick liquidation of extensive collections.

    These can be used to achieve credit liquidity, as required by Russian federal law.

    We are open to collaboration with developers, architects, and decorators in the creation of extensive collections for interior design.


  • Expertise

  • Consultation by expert for
    technological research
    1 000 roubles
  • On-site visit
    8 000 roubles
  • Сonfirmation of the previously issued expertise
    10 000 roubles
  • Valuation

  • Art evaluation
    10 000 roubles
  • Short verbal consultation regarding
    the market price of a piece
    500 roubles
  • On-site visit
    8 000 roubles


Expertise Division

+7 (903) 726-23-45

119017, Moscow,
5 Bolshoy Tolmachevskiy, Build.11

Evaluation Division

+7 (925) 772-26-28

119017, Moscow,
5 Bolshoy Tolmachevskiy, Build.11